Binary Options Call and Put the same time?

A variety of questions reaches us every day. A very common question is: What happens when a “Call” and a “Put” simultaneously closes in binary options? we do not want to speculate about sense or nonsense here

Binary EyeBinary options offer depending on the broker between 60% and 90% yield. The highest market return, there are at Banc de Binary with 91%. Let’s look here once the experiment on. Suppose we offer 200 € available. The experiment would now therefore to the EUR / USD rate by means of a course of 60 seconds Option to speculate handling 100 € rising to a price development and € 100 on a falling price development.

Bancdebinary benefits

Suppose the first Trade (Call) would be successful, so we would make a profit of 91% thus achieving 91 € to 100 € in this very specific case. The Parallel Trade (put) so would be negative. This would cause a total loss. Thus we would have lost in the second Trade € 100.

With an initial investment of € 200 we had at Banc de Binary if we suffered Call / Put therefore conclude simultaneously a loss of 9 €.

Trade 1: Call, capital expenditure € 100 return 91% = 100 € +91 €
Trade 2: Put, capital expenditure € 100 return 0% = total loss

So This is certain: If you call and put is simultaneously earned only the broker. Some brokers offer now to secure a trade possibility with a loss hedge up to 25%. But unfortunately, this comes at the expense of total return So then from 91% yield, which are offered at Banc de Binary, with the aforementioned loss protection only 65%. Thus a loss protection is not suitable at the same time for the actions of call and put.

In summary, only the broker can win in the simultaneous trading of calls and puts, therefore. Thus this method is thus unsuitable to earn money. Stay away from “call and put the same” if you want to act normal Binary options.

Call and put the same in the high yield area

It all looks in high yield already quite different. The actions of High Yield Options can bring up to 500 % return . Of course, the risks are high . Under the aid of the volatility strategy call and Putt can be very lohnet here simultaneously . Condition so that the invoice but are absorbed strong price swings , as we’ll always be able to see in the last few months . EUR / USD , the price of gold , SFR / EUR or rubles / EUR are examples of strong volatility .

Trade 1 : Call , capital expenditure € 100 return 250 % = 100 € + 250 €
Trade 2 : Put , capital expenditure € 100 return 0 % = total loss

Would you invest € 100 here in a call , you would have expected returns of between 250 % and 500 % . The simultaneous loss of € 100 to the put option would be so acceptable. Condition for success are strong price fluctuations and therefore high volatility.

As a trader, it is very important to the market always keeps an eye on and also knows well . It is best to act only with the things where one knows really well. If they do, for example, with shares prima but knowledgeable no idea of raw materials , you trade stocks . The most important news and events you should always keep in mind to respond.